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We Solve Complex HR/Finance Challenges with Next Generation SaaS Products

For years, Human Resources has been understated and unappreciated because of their overdependence on paperwork and outdated tools. At Hobasa, we decided to reverse that mindset with tech solutions that can help HR streamline critical tasks and improve operations on a company wide scale at the same time.

As an IT product company, we specialize in building state of art SaaS products that can facilitate HR and finance operations. Our integrated and end-to-end HR and Finance tech solution, Hobasa, was designed to offer top quality user experiences, easy organizational transition, and interactive support 24/7.

Streamline HR Tasks for a Productive and Efficient Workforce

As an organization, we understand that our solutions are only as good as the results they offer which can differ from one client to another. That is why we take time to understand your requirements, before providing customizable solutions that can support business goals. This includes one-step fully automated HR and Finance tech solutions that can help you manage your workforce in one place.

Our motto is ‘make work life better.’ It embodies not only who we are and what we believe in, it also acts as a driving force that helps us make the workspace more efficient and profitable for our clients and their employees.

Mission, Values and Work Culture

We have the top talent in vision, design, and engineering to ensure this. As a company, our values are deeply rooted in one vision – to become the best HR tech solution organization for our clients. Our adoptable next generation solutions are made keeping users as well as their requirements in mind and are based on advanced business development technologies such as AI, NLP, ML, and deep learning tech.

Our mission is to help organizations with an unbiased and ethical approach to their issues that can help them redefine and manage an agile workforce. We understand that those top-quality solutions are only possible for a team that works well together in a collaborative and flexible work environment.

At Hobasa, we have a dynamic, transparent, and fun company culture which encourages our employees to succeed. We share ideas and treat each other with the respect and dignity that we would expect from anyone. Hobasa was the natural result of concentrated and collaborative effort with your convenience as the end goal. Our aim is to provide tech solutions that can not only streamline solutions, but also empower users and enhance accuracy over a wide scale. We are driven by our mission and values and want to help you take care of your hard-working team as well as we do ours.

We love building HR solutions, but what makes us happier is knowing how they help make your lives easier.