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Hobasa was the result of consistent effort towards a vision that encompassed and benefits almost every industry you can think of. To pay homage to that mission and vision, we came up with the term ‘HOBASA’, a Marathi word which translates to ‘assurance’ or ‘promise of compliance.’

Keeping our roots and goals in mind, we developed and positioned the organization in the domain of compliances and policies at the local, global and federal level. Ours solution are simple, but highly efficient.

We offer an adoptable next generation HR tech solution that is powered by advanced business intelligence technologies. These include deep learning, AI, NLP, ML and other solutions that can provide our clients an ethical and unbiased support system for managing and redefining a global workforce.

An HR and Finance Solution That Can Transform Companies for the Better

We understand that employees are the backbone of every company. We also understand that the extensive damage poor onboarding software and processes can have on your brand reputation. To facilitate both, we came up with a HR and Finance tech solution that can take the strain off your teams so they can focus on expansive strategies rather than tasks that can be delegated to an AI.

As a private limited organization, we only source the best talent from their respective fields who can thoroughly engage in the product vision, design, engineering, and development phases. As a growing company, we are determined to become the go-to IT service and product provider in the coming years not only for our clients in Canada, North America and India, but across the globe.


Collaborative and Encouraging Work Environment

To do this, we instil the importance of innovation, collaboration and transparent communication at all department levels. It’s because of these values why Hobasa has a streamlined and energizing work environment. Rather than using cookie cutter solutions, we encourage and actively share new ideas that can help our clients with any operational conundrum they face.

In other words, no task is too small or complex for us to overcome if it means we can meet and exceed client expectations. Teams are divided into specific departments and each is connected with mutual goals that allow us to deliver the best products that our clientele has come to expect from us.

We value productivity and also understand that it should never be prioritized over employee health. It is one of the core values that have allowed Hobasa to become the best IT based organization not only in our home country of India, but eventually, across the globe.