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At Hobasa, we strive to become the best in class when it comes to providing data-driven tech products that our HR and Finance clients can rely on. Each one is designed to meet compliance and quality standards at the local, federal, and global level.

We understand that current HR and finance solutions for small and medium businesses are falling way short in fulfilling critical requirements and which are doing nothing more than creating gaps in compliance and service. Our adaptable HR tech solution is based on advanced business intelligence technologies such as NLP, ML and deep learning solutions that can take on your burden.

Trained and Experienced Staff Who Prioritize Client Requirements

As an organization, we strive to provide customers a customizable experience. Our staff possess organizational expertise on a range of processes and tech that can ensure our clients can receive the solutions they seek on a single platform. Their dedication and expertise have allowed us to create a world class AI product that supports informed decisions, empowers users, and ensures accuracy.

As such, we are perfectly equipped to fill process gaps in most organizations that can help them increase productivity, maintain compliance requirements, and ensure smooth operations across departments.

Hobasa is an innovative AI product that is designed to address all those problems and more via a single, user-friendly dashboard. Besides providing a range of encompassing features, it is also designed to learn as it is used. This means the more you use it, the smarter it gets. At one point, it will start addressing common issues on its own to provide support and dynamic workflows for better decision making.

The HR cloud software was made on the back of best-in-class tools such as AWS and Azure DevOps that can aid organizations in transitioning to global markets and manage a large workforce. This includes accelerated, collaborative, and virtual competencies that can aid companies in expanding operations without hassle.


Our top-of-the-line HR solutions are available in a single attractive package that can improve onsite competencies and offsite workforce management. Progressive modular agile architecture allows the software to support a range of business units simultaneously in the HR and accounts domain.

Some of the top benefits that were made possible with our organizational expertise include the following:

  • Adaptable Finance tech solutions
  • Unbiased ethical support system.
  • Manage an agile workforce easily.
  • Maintain compliance and quality protocols without stress.
  • Save time and money which may otherwise be lost because of costly human errors.
  • Speed up the value of business propositions with support with some of the best tech.
  • Integrate Hobasa easily into existing HR and finance solutions and upgrade your entire system at the same time.

With Hobasa, you get more than a HR management tool – you get a complete solution that can take your organization to the next level.