Create Unlimited Payrolls, Keep Tabs on Claims, and File Tax Returns Easily and Quickly

If payroll is taking hours to complete, you need tech solutions that can make it work on autopilot. When you switch to Hobasa’s payroll automating solution, you can save time, money, and resources that can be redirected elsewhere.

Here are just some of the options you can benefit from:

Manage Multiple Employee Payrolls Easily

Our payroll solutions can streamline this critical task for your business and HR in general. Get access to earned wages before the payroll date, direct deposit options, paper checks with check signing and insertion, pay-on-demand, and more.

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Built-In Safeguards

Our payroll solution was made with multiple safeguards to prevent costly mistakes. This includes notifications that can alert you in case of data inaccuracies. If an employee’s hours do not match the data in the online software, your staff can take corrective action immediately.

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Run Payroll Easily

Enter your staff’s entire payroll in as few as a few clicks. Choose from a range of pay entry options including a grid view for fast data entry. This is why our cloud based solution is ideal for both small and enterprise based businesses with several hundred employees across industries.

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Get Access to Analytics and Reports

Customize reports to meet your needs and without incurring additional costs. Our reports are designed to help you streamline your business operations. With quick access to analytics and reports you can make timely decisions easily.

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Expert Support As and When Needed

We understand that payroll delays can have far reaching consequences. Our friendly technical support representatives are available 24/7 to aid you in any way. Never delay salaries again!

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Add New Employees Easily

Onboard new employees quickly and easily. Add new ones, invite them to log in and update their personal information and tax withholding.

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Payroll Taxes Calculated and Paid On Your Behalf

Calculating taxes for an entire workforce can be quite time consuming and errors can prove costly. Our system can generate paychecks and stubs and allows direct deposits.

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Collect Valuable Feedback from Stakeholders

New hires always have questions and concerns during their first few days on the job. During this time, there is a lot of room for miscommunication and misunderstandings. With Hobasa Onboarding you can maintain a continuous feedback process that can help you improve onboarding across departments. Collect valuable info from stakeholders and refine the process to perfection.

Why Hobasa?Top Reasons Why You Should Automate Payroll

At Hobasa we only hire the top talent from product vision, design, development and engineering to ensure our software solutions never disappoint. Our aim is to give our clients a personalized experience.

To ensure this, we leave no stone unturned to evaluate their business needs. Once we know what our clients pain point and requirements are, our team gets to work researching and then creating cloud based solutions that can add value to existing processes.

Faster Payroll Calculations

Manual payroll calculations can take a lot of time. Besides managing multiple spreadsheets, you need to compare different sources and information while making calculations by hand. With our cloud based automated payroll system you can just enter relevant information and the system will do the rest. Get accurate payrolls for each employee in record time.

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Save money

With an automated payroll system you don’t need to invest resources and money to hire more employees for HR and finance. This is especially beneficial for organizations that do not have a dedicated in-house payroll management solution and rely on outsourcing. Reap the benefits of an automated on-site payroll system that you don’t have to pay extra for.

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Reduce Stress

Manual employee tracking can take significant time and cause undue stress on an overburdened HR department. Human Resources needs to keep track of hourly wages of all employees in your organization. By automating payroll, you can reduce their stress and increase productivity at the same time. Automatically generated payslips that correspond accurately with working hours can take hours off their time.

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Reduce Human Errors Significantly

Overworked HR staff can make mistakes that can lead to a frustrated and demotivated staff. With payroll automation solution, you can reduce those mistakes significantly and ensure all employee data is entered properly.

A single mistake can take hours if not days to correct as HR tries to trace its source. With an automated payroll solution, you can avoid costly liabilities and legal issues.

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Protect Sensitive Employee Data

Payroll is highly personal and sensitive information pertaining to your employees. In the wrong hands, physical copies can wreak havoc on employee morale and increase your turnover rate.

Our payroll automation system not only keeps that critical data secure from unauthorized access, it also prevents data loss. With firewalls, unbreakable encryptions and vendor solutions that strengthen the system, you can rest easy knowing payroll is safe from tampering and theft.


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