Set The Stage For Employee Engagement With Our Cloud Based Onboarding Module

An employee’s first impression of your company determines their performance and motivation. Our user-friendly onboarding module is designed to stabilize and simplify the process.

Hobasa Onboarding is a cloud based solution for organizations that is designed to streamline and automate the process and paperwork of employee onboarding.

Top Benefits and Features

Paperless Self-Service Onboarding

Eliminate time consuming paperwork completely by taking your onboarding process to the cloud with Hobasa Onboarding. Allow new hires to view their employment packet, complete and sign the necessary forms and accomplish important tasks before their first day.

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Enhance Productivity and Reduce Stress

Nothing is more frustrating and time consuming than running after lost paperwork. Hobasa Onboarding offers real time validation that eliminates costly errors and omissions. This includes important notifications that ensure everyone knows their status.

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Unify Onboarding Workflows

Information silos and poor handoffs can create a disorganized and fragmented onboarding experience that can put off new employees. Hobasa Onboarding is designed to streamline all onboarding workflows to ensure they have a seamless experience right from the beginning. Improve collaborations across stakeholders across departments such as Operations, IT, HR, Finance and more.

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Add a Human Element

With Hobasa Onboarding automation feature, you can scale the whole process by adding a human touch. Eliminate manual repetitive tasks such as composing emails, generating hiring documents and collecting employee signatures. Ensure your team can spend more time mentoring new hires and answering questions so they can transition from candidate to employee fast.

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Build Confidence and Instill Trust

A transparent and consistent onboarding process can instill trust and confidence in the company from the get-go. Hobasa Onboarding can help you create onboarding workflows by incorporating best practices and allowing new hires to see their progress in real time.

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Ensure Accuracy and Compliance

Compliance is a critical part of employee onboarding. Use our cloud based solution to document vital data from forms and other documents to avoid severe penalties. Every stage of the onboarding process is automated so your personnel will not miss anything. Make the process stress-free by making a checklist of all critical tasks online and ensure it meets federal and local labor laws.

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Ensure a Seamless Employee Experience

Your HR team relies on a range of apps and platforms to manage several workflows at once. Hobasa Onboarding can be integrated with them to prevent data silos and expand automation capabilities at the same time. This includes capturing signatures, securing approvals, managing calendars among others.

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Collect Valuable Feedback from Stakeholders

New hires always have questions and concerns during their first few days on the job. During this time, there is a lot of room for miscommunication and misunderstandings. With Hobasa Onboarding you can maintain a continuous feedback process that can help you improve onboarding across departments. Collect valuable info from stakeholders and refine the process to perfection.

Why Hobasa?

At Hobasa we only hire the top talent from product vision, design, development and engineering to ensure our software solutions never disappoint. Our aim is to give our clients a personalized experience.

To ensure this, we leave no stone unturned to evaluate their business needs. Once we know what our clients pain point and requirements are, our team gets to work researching and then creating cloud based solutions that can add value to existing processes.

Make Onboarding Faster, Easier and Efficient

Hobasa Onboarding was created as an adaptable next generation HR solution, with deep learning methodologies that can make it an asset for your organization. The software provides an unbiased and ethical decision support system that can aid organizations in redefining and managing a local and global workforce easily.

So whether you wish to improve your existing onboarding process or need to create a new one from scratch, contact us for a consultation today. We can create a package with modules that can meet your needs and ensure new hires feel motivated whether they are candidates or new employees.

Take some of the burden off your HR and administrative personnel with Hobasa Onboarding.

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