At Hobasa, we create bespoke products that can help our clients expand their organizations and meet high quality standards. To ensure this, we take note of their requirements and provide actionable insights that are user friendly and based on well-defined executable steps. In the HR and Finance domain, this includes high grade domain expertise that can enhance decision supporting systems and manage an agile global workforce.

Built on advanced business intelligence technologies such as AI, NLP and ML, our HR/Finance management solution offers an unbiased approach to workforce management. Built for the global market, Hobasa can support a range of business units that are essential for evolving organizations.

Human Resource

Compliance violations can end up cutting into your bottom line. Hobasa can keep your organization compliant so you can focus your attention on your core business. We understand that HR is more than just employee benefits and payroll. Everchanging compliance standards mean your organization is always at risk.  Hobasa solutions are designed to help organizations remain abreast of those changes with tools and notifications. Our compliance product supports: More >


Invoice fraud is on the rise. Our cloud software solution, Hobasa enforces comprehensive scanning to minimize operational losses through fraud and ensures regulatory and tax compliance to prevent penalties.  

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Top Features


Payroll Management

An inaccurate payroll can result in costly mistakes for your organization. Our integration-friendly and feature-rich HR tech solution can help your staff avoid costly errors with:

  • Automated online payroll management.
  • Tax calculated and paid on your behalf.
  • Ensure complete compliance with HMRC standards.
  • Support for federal, state, and local compliance.
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The first impression that an employee gets from your organization can set the stage for their development. Our Hobasa Onboarding module can simplify the former to streamline the latter. The cloud software solution is designed to automate onboarding paperwork to reduce the time and effort it can take. Some of the features it offers include the following:

  • Gives new hires the right tools and resources to make their transition easier.
  • Empowers new employees for training and orientation meetings.
  • Accumulates valuable feedback with feedback forums and questionnaires.
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Time and Attendance

Payroll accuracy is dependent on schedules and hours worked. Hobasa’s Time and Attendance solutions offer user-friendly scheduling tools that can sync with existing HR solutions, benefits, and payrolls. Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Create, manage, and publish schedules online.
  • Track time off requests, vacations, and approvals.
  • Effortless time tracking that can increase productivity and reduce costly admin errors.
  • Support your compliance efforts with simple time scheduling to meet industry and working time regulations
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Account Payable/ Account Receivable

Make your accounting stress free with Hobasa’s complete AR and AP management solution. Manage all your vendors and clients from one dashboard and free up valuable time for your accounting staff. Here are some more features you can benefit from:

  • Convert purchase orders straight into usable invoices.
  • Send and receive orders easily.
  • Purchase orders and sales with AR management tools easily by assigning payment terms and track numbers.
  • Generate reports on credit, invoice, and payments.
  • Assign project transactions easily.
  • Balance all transactions from a single platform.
  • Get AP transaction details, summaries and more.
  • Track budgeting across vendors and customers.